The 2017 "Final Cut" of Take Back Your Power (TBYP) is a powerful documentary. It was available at last update of this page. Please watch with your friends and loved ones and forward far and wide. See this free link.

For further information, including how to support the film and the free documents and information from the new website, click here.

This page last updated: Jan. 18, 2018

The excellent new movie, Generation Zapped, is now being shown in theaters and homes by those wanting to get the word out about non-native EMF's. 

Many experts are interviewed, including Cindy Sage plus Dr.'s Carlo, Carpenter and Havas.

This film also highlights some of the trials and tribulations of people who are already experiencing harm from EMF overexposure.

These modern day canaries in a coal mine, if you will,

bring to life what the studies and experts are warning: We need to wake up, now.

Please feel free to advise if you are interested in attending an O.C. screening.

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if you would like to screen this film in your home, office, school, place of worship or community center, click Generation Zapped.