Who We Are


John Black, EMF Consultant, trained with the International Institute for Building-Biology© and Ecology (IBE), completing both of their Electromagnetic Radiation seminars, 212 and 312. John has been providing on-site Electromagnetic Field (EMF) identification, assessment and remediation of homes and offices since 2013. His customers include those who desire an optimal health environment and/or have concerns regarding EMF exposure, such as from "smart" utility service meters, cell towers, power lines and Wi-Fi.


Our Background


​As a holistic health practitioner, John became aware of the importance of frequencies via the use of essential oils and later with his evoked potential bio-resonance system, (EPB). When cell phone use was increasing he began noticing patterns of stress in the brain reflexes of some clients. One client, a heavy user of mobile phones, had a recurring stress in the brain reflex area. Testing by allopathic medicine identified a brain tumor in that location. This likely tie-in to EMF exposure led John to both the patented, EMF limiting headsets for cell phones he shares about, plus a thirst for more knowledge on the potential root cause. John's search led to the acquisition of an EMF survey of his holistic health office. Benefits gained from that enlightening step plus observations made during "smart" meter activism led John to train with the IBE, as mentioned above.

John's Mission


​Keeping to his desire to promote health while addressing the core root of situations, the mission is five-fold:

1. Expand the knowledge of EMF’s
2. Identify EMF Sources
3. Measure Exposure levels
4. Protect his clients via EMF remediation
5. Advise and assist with Body Detoxification strategies