Safer, Money Saving Phone System


​"John Black helped us set up a phone system which met our need for using safer, wired connections, plus it saves us six hundred dollars in phone costs every year.   John is friendly, helpful and patient!" - S.M., EMF Safety Network

Energy No Longer Zapped


"When John came to my home I didn’t know why my energy was always so zapped. When he measured for RF radiation he correctly identified a phone that I had thought was a basic wired (corded) speakerphone. This phone was actually a base unit for a cordless, DECT phone system. The base unit had no external antenna so I thought it was a safer, corded phone. The cordless, remote handset unit was still packaged in its original box, yet the wireless base unit was emitting wireless DECT RF radiation all over my property, 24/7/365. As John suggested, the wireless base unit was promptly replaced with a corded speakerphone. My energy is much higher now. Friends no longer say that their energy goes 'through the floor' when visiting here, thanks to John’s expert EMF consultation." - M.E., Irvine, CA 

LA Firefighter Freed from RF Radiation


"I am employed as a firefighter by the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Many years ago, (around 1990), I became aware that I was hypersensitive to Rf radiation. Since then, I became aware that I was also hypersensitive to EMF's, including Dirty Electricity (DE). I’ve known John Black for many years and he has been instrumental in helping me reduce exposure to such forms of energy. He has acted as a consultant in my home and he has also helped to educate me on how to avoid unnecessary exposures.
Examples are as follows:

• Using an air tube headset to limit radiation from my cell phone.

• Having Edison’s "Smart" Meter removed.

• Ways to reduce WiFi exposure at home. 

• Identifying and helping to correct wiring errors in my home.

• Introducing me to consultants who specialize in addressing DE, as had ill effects from it produced by my Solar System.

• Eliminating cordless phones at home.

• Taking readings in sleeping areas and assisting with optimizing such areas for deeper and more peaceful sleep.

All of the above have led to a much improved environment at my home and I’m truly grateful to John for what he has done; he is genuinely interested in helping people." - A.H., Los Angeles, CA